Easy Tips and Types of Paper for Certification Printing

A certification design is simple, but the work of designing a certification as well as certification printing must be done meticulously because it is such an important piece of paper given out as a mark of accomplishment or achievement. Certification is something that is definitely meaningful, so the design must be able to make the recipient feel appreciated. Here are some designing tips so that you can get high quality certification printing.

1. Go for a simple design

In terms of the content of certification, there’s not much you can change. There are essentials that need to stay that way and must be present in all certification design; you have to include: the award that is given, the kind of achievement earned, the recipient of the certification, the person or organization releasing the certification, as well as the date and place, and lastly the signature line. Sticking to the basics for certification printing does not mean that it is boring. It needs to be done that way. Don’t add unnecessary information that will only clutter the design of the certification. If you want your certification to look more interesting, try to tweak the font, the colours, and add appropriate embellishments for it. Of course, everything needs to be done generously, meaning that you should not overdo it. Make sure that the design of your certification goes with a certain theme especially one that is related to the kind of award that is given. Keeping a simple and minimalistic design is best for certification design and printing.

2. Proofreading

Before you go for the printing process, it is best that you proofread your design says a printing expert Kiasu Printing & Rubber Stamp Maker. This step is where you make sure that there is no mistake in the design of your certification. It is very crucial because you have to honour the recipient of the certification.

After making sure that the design of your certification is error free, you can hand it to a professional printing service.

As you get to a printing service, you might be faced with a question of what kind of paper that you should use for the certification printing process.

Well, here are some paper types that are often used for certification printing.

1. Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is an option that is widely chosen by a lot of people because it has a really high quality yet at an affordable price. The look of a parchment paper is unique, and it is thicker than the average paper, making it one of the premium quality papers that is also definitely durable. With a parchment paper, your certification will look absolutely elegant. A parchment paper is also considered as a versatile type of paper because it can be processed with a lot of different types of printers, including a laser printer, inkjet printer, copier, or even a typewriter.

2. Linen Paper

A linen paper has a smooth surface with embossed texture. It is a subtle and elegant paper that has a unique feel. It looks expensive and absolutely appropriate for big event certification.

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