Things to Consider When Preparing Stickers Part One

 Things to Consider When Preparing Stickers Part One

To have an optimum result when printing your sticker Singapore, there are a few rules to follow. New technologies, such as digital plotters, make it possible to print stickers in small series, coloured, and at low cost. Round stickers, rectangles, squares, with rounded edges and even with a personalized shape.

Preparing Your File for Sticker Printing.

    For a good print quality in high definition, you have to prepare your base file, in high definition. (The definition of the images is calculated in pixels). Usually, a 300ppi is enough. No need to go above this definition because it would only increase the weight of your image. Another essential thing is to work on your file in the desired format. If, for example, you want to print a 6 cm sticker in the round, work from a file whose format is 6 cm. In a particular case, you must realize your file whose format will be a little larger than the final format. In the printing industry, we use everything, the CMYK colorimetric mode which represents the 4 primary colours used to produce colour documents. Unlike the web, the RGB mode will be used for an adapted reading on our screens.

When preparing your sticker file, please follow these tips to avoid unpleasant surprises when printing and cutting:

1. Do not place any text closer than 5mm from the edge

2. Do not place a thread less than 2 mm from the edge, because the slightest cutting offset, even a few tenths will be visible.

3. For the black colour, use this value instead in your photoshop palette: 30% Cyan, 30% Magenta, 30% Yellow and 100% black.

Marcus Griffin

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