Marcus Griffin

Top 5 Best Moisturizers for Dry Skin!

Moisture and hydration may be the key to have healthy skin. Whether it is summer, winter, autumn or spring, our skin suffers a lot from climate change, and it tends to get dryer. That is why lack of hydration and not having the right moisturizer for your type of skin could cause your face to […]Read More

Things to Consider When Preparing Stickers Part Two

1. Doming or Dooming Stickers: What Is it?  A doming Singapore sticker is a sticker with a few drops of transparent polyurethane resin, which creates a kind of translucent dome over the sticker. This method is mainly used to highlight brands or logos. We can see this process on high-end products or on vehicles, for […]Read More

Things to Consider When Preparing Stickers Part One

To have an optimum result when printing your sticker Singapore, there are a few rules to follow. New technologies, such as digital plotters, make it possible to print stickers in small series, coloured, and at low cost. Round stickers, rectangles, squares, with rounded edges and even with a personalized shape. Preparing Your File for Sticker […]Read More

Easy Tips and Types of Paper for Certification Printing

A certification design is simple, but the work of designing a certification as well as certification printing must be done meticulously because it is such an important piece of paper given out as a mark of accomplishment or achievement. Certification is something that is definitely meaningful, so the design must be able to make the […]Read More