Things to Consider When Preparing Stickers Part Two

 Things to Consider When Preparing Stickers Part Two

1. Doming or Dooming Stickers: What Is it?

 A doming sticker is a sticker with a few drops of transparent polyurethane resin, which creates a kind of translucent dome over the sticker. This method is mainly used to highlight brands or logos. We can see this process on high-end products or on vehicles, for example. Doming will often be used for high-end products. While this is great protection for the sticker, this technique is primarily aesthetic.

2. Choose UV or Standard Ink?

    Printing with UV ink will ensure resistance to the sun. So, you can choose this type of ink if your sticker is intended to be installed on a car, outdoors, or even in a shop window. But if you choose a standard ink, don’t be surprised to see your sticker fade after six months. But why buy UV ink for an outdoor poster, when it will only be displayed for two months? Due to its short exposure to the sun, the colours will not have time to deteriorate. So, it’s all a matter of necessity and logic.

3. Repositionable or Electrostatic Stickers?

    Repositionable stickers are made of semi-adherent glue, so they can peel off and re-stick to a smooth, clean surface. You can therefore change their place without taking new ones each time. Electrostatic stickers, on the other hand, are electrically charged to stick them in display cases without leaving any glue residue. Although over time the charge of electricity decreases, these types of stickers are only used for display in shop windows.

Marcus Griffin

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